The Ultimate Injectors Course

Dermal Fillers are one of the fastest growing aesthetic treatments. Read on if you would like to join this lucrative industry
Dermal Filler Wiltshire

Your training will be split over months allowing you to fully absorb your training rather than a traditional intense approach. Live model treatments will include honest constructive feedback ensuring you progress your techniques with each client.

To summarise you will learn:
– Anatomy of the face
– Injection techniques
– Clinic set up
– Insurance & Licensing
– Assessing the face for symmetry
– Complication Management
– Dealing with emergencies
– Complication Management
– Lip Fillers
– Facial Fold fillers
– Nose Fillers
– Cheek Fillers
– Chin Fillers
– Jaw Fillers
– Cannula techniques
– & more.

If you are already trained in basic techniques then you are welcome to join the second month of the course at a 50% discount

This course is certified by CPD has been written in line with the HEE Guidelines to ensure that all trainees are trained to the highest level, in-line with government guidelines. 

We will only be running these courses twice a year and spaces will be VERY limited. Our first course is in March 2021, the second will be in October 2021. Please drop us a message to secure your slot ASAP

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Course Details

Day 1

Month 1

  • Days 1-3 – Introduction to Dermal Fillers, All things anatomy, Setting up your clinic, Insurance & Licencing, Assessing the face, Facial symmetry for injection, Aftercare, Injection techniques, Practice on mannequins, Live injecting nasolabia folds, marionette lines, perioral lines & lip techniques
  • Days 4-5 – Live models, a day and a half on lips, half a day on folds, complication managment, safely dissolving fillers, mixing up dissolving agent, practice on live models.
  • Practical Complete – You will now be qualified to inject and should use this interim period between courses to complete case studies and gain experience in injecting alone. This will give you confidence, experience & give you time to reflect and come back with questions

Month 2

  • Days 6-8 –  Assessing the face for symmetry, depths of injection, density & brands of filler, using a cannula, practice on mannequin, live model practice on the nose, jaw, chin & cheeks
  • Days 9-10 – Live practice on all areas, contructive feed back for each client
  • Review – We will now summarise all the teaching aspects and use this time to reflect and answer any questions.

Begin your career in Aesthetics, it's becoming on the of the fastest growing industries with constantly advancing treatments and techniques!
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