Tear Trough Filler

Tear Troughs are depressions below your eyes, when they appear hollow it can make you look tired. Dermal Fillers are injected to rejuvenate this area.
Tear Through Filler Wiltshire

Wiltshire Aesthetics Academy offers a 1 day Tear Trough course. Through our training we will teach trainees techniques to treat the sensitive area below the eye effectively, while also giving them an understanding into risks involved with treating the eye area, and how to administer treatment effectively to minimise the risks and complications ensuring their clients safety as well as comfort during and following the procedure. 

As the method utilised to treat Tear Troughs involves placing the Dermal Filler quite deep, to help reduce the risk of lumpiness, this treatment calls for trainees to have a steady and calm hand. During their training our trainees will be practising on models, which will encourage them to develop vital confidence in their own ability to administer treatment safely and effectively.

This course is certified by CPD and has been written in line with the HEE Guidelines to ensure that all students are trained to the highest level in-line the government guidelines.

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Course Details

Day 1


  • Introduction – The Tutor will introduce Tear Trough Filler, explaining the procedure and showing examples. The course outline will also be explained.
  • Practice with needles – The teacher will show how to set up syringes and which Dermal layers to inject into as well as techniques.
  • Demos from Tutor – The Tutor will show a complete rundown of treatment using a cannula. The students will observe and take notes on the techniques used.
  • Practice on Models – Following the Tutor Demo students will practice on live models.
  • Q’&’A – The Tutor will go over what has been learned and give the trainees the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

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