Dermal Fillers Advanced

Dermal Fillers Advanced follows on from our Basic Dermal Fillers course. This course is CPD Accredited.
Dermal Filler Wiltshire

Wiltshire Aesthetics Academy  1 day Dermal Filler Advanced course follows on from our Basic Dermal Filler training course. The 1 day course will teach you further techniques and practical knowledge to begin administering treatments for Cheeks, Jaw, Chin and Nose. Moreover trainees will be taught how to carry out the consultation and aftercare needs for each of these treatment and give them the opportunity to carry out each of these treatments on live models from the consultation through to aftercare following treatment. Following completion of their course day trainees will be briefed on the requirements of the case studies and given all relevant documents and resources for them to carry out their case studies.

Trainees will receive all home-study materials prior to beginning the course day to ensure the day can maximise time spent on the practical elements of the training.

This course is certified by CPD has been written in line with the HEE Guidelines to ensure that all trainees are trained to the highest level, in-line with government guidelines.

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Course Details

Day 1


  • Introduction – The Tutor will introduce Dermal Fillers, explain the use of the cannula and show examples of work. As well as outline to the content of the course for the coming days.
  • Practice with Needles – The tutor will demonstrate how to set up syringes and cannula, as well as which layers to inject into and the techniques. Trainees will then practice injections on all areas: Cheeks, Jaw, Chin and Nose, this will be done using fake heads.
  • Demonstration from Tutor – The tutor will demonstrate complete treatment of all areas using cannula. The Trainees will observe and take notes on techniques.


  • Lunch and Q’&’A session – Trainees will have the opportunity to question the Tutor on any techniques before starting practice on live models.
  • Practice on Live Models – The Tutor will observe trainees on consultation techniques, injecting techniques, results of treatment and delivery of aftercare. The Trainees will perform 2x Dermal Filler treatments on Cheeks, Jaw, Chin and Nose. They will need to consult clients before and deliver aftercare.
  • Review – The Tutor will summarise teachings from the day and give the trainees the opportunity to ask any remaining questions.
  • Case Studies – The Tutor will explain the requirements of the case studies and make sure each trainees has all relevant documents and resources.

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