1 - 2 - 1 Masterclasses

If you are struggling to master any an aspect of Aesthetics technique, then 1-2-1 mentoring could be your answer.
Jade Jeary

If you are struggling to master any an aspect of Aesthetics technique, whether that’s Brows or Dermal Fillers, then advanced training could be your answer. Wiltshire Aesthetics Academy wants to help give you the confidence to open the door to your clients with 100% confidence. Maybe you just want to work on one technique, or possibly you have 100 questions in your head, maybe it’s time to consider getting some mentoring to take your work to the level that you desire. Wiltshire Aesthetics Academy offers bespoke 1-2-1 training, this way you can have your tutors full attention all day with your course day tailored to fit your needs.

You are not alone, that drive you have to perfect techniques, be ahead of the competition, we’ve all had those self-doubts when we just don’t seem to be able to get it quite right. For this reason Wiltshire Aesthetics Academy developed a bespoke training programme to support technicians just like you, who are want to expand their skills and extend their knowledge to help take their treatments to the next level.

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Course Details

Day 1

Courses start at 10am and finish about 5pm.

You will decide with your tutor exactly what you would like to achieve. The day can include:

  • Theory based on the chosen subject area: Can include colour theory, safety advice, aftercare and technique training.
  • Practice on pads: Plenty of opportunities for getting it wrong without any worries as trainees try out their skills on pads.
  • Practice on live models: Depending on the treatment, trainees will have the opportunity to cement their new skills with live model practice.
  • Shadow day: After completion Jade will offer an additional shadow day and telephone support.
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